5 Most Common Lane Shark Problems and Their Solutions

These brush cutters are highly regarded attachments and an affordable solution for small to mid-size tractors, manufactured in the USA using American parts. These implements are efficient for clearing trails, maintaining roads, pond edges, hunting lanes, underbrush, and more. They reduce workload and save valuable time and energy.

Lane Shark LS 2 cutting vertically on a Kubota

The LS 2 and LS 3 models can effectively cut branches, brush, saplings, and underbrush up to 3" in diameter. Unlike dedicated land-clearing units used by local municipalities, these tractor attachments are designed for personal land maintenance; the LS 2 and LS 3 can reach tight spots and is even able to cut in vertical and offset positions. Despite its admirable features, users may encounter certain problems with their cutters, and it's essential to be aware of those issues whether you're a current user or considering purchasing one.

Common Lane Shark Problems

1. Overheating Your Tractor

2. Vertical and Offset Position Safety

3. Loss of Loader Function

4. Lane Shark Not Starting, or the Blades Won't Spin

5. How Do I Know Which Motor Should Be Paired With My Tractor?

When you understand the possible causes of the issues you're experiencing with your brush cutter, it becomes easier to solve them. This knowledge enables you to act swiftly and effectively, potentially avoiding the need for a mechanic.

1. Overheating Your Tractor [Plumbing your third function properly]


Overheating of the hydraulic system is caused by trying to force fluid back into a valve that is only designed for a push pull set up.

Correct plumbing is essential for the efficient operation of the Lane Shark brush cutter. When the hydraulic system is properly plumbed, the fluid can flow freely throughout the system. This avoids pressure build-up, preventing overheating and contributing to the long-term health of your equipment.

We strongly recommend that our brush cutters be installed with our plumbing kits by trusted dealers. This ensures that your equipment is set up correctly, optimizing performance and minimizing potential issues. 

Simply type your zip code into the dealer locator to find one of our trusted dealers near you.

[Link to Dealer Locator]

They have access to all of our installation resources and have been trained to properly install our hydraulic valve kits on compact to mid-size tractors. 

 Here is the correct hydraulics circuit per our specifications:

  1. Tractor's hydraulic pump

  2. Loader Valve

  3. Third Function

  4. Lane Shark

  5. C-Flow Return

  6. Rear Remotes and/or Rear Lift

  7. Tractor Sump

**Keep in mind, the P.R.V.(Pressure relief valve) is built into the loader valve. If you have any implement/valve in between the pump and loader valve, you have no protection from over pressurizing the system.**

If you want to watch step by step, how to install a Continuous Flow 3rd function kit, here is a link:

Lane Shark USA Tutorial: C-Flow Kit Install on a WR Long 3rd Function

2. Vertical and Offset Positions Safety

Ensuring safe operation of a mounted brush cutter is one of our top priorities. Tractor user's have had concern before purchasing on of our two models [LS 2, LS 3], with debris flying towards the operating station of the tractor when cutting vertically and the raised horizontal position.

The cutter blades rotation is designed to eject debris out and away from the operator in the horizontal position and down and away in the vertical position.

Here is a graphic displaying where the cutter throws the debris.

Graphic displaying where debris is thrown when the Lane Shark Brush Cutter is working in both the horizontal and vertical positions

Safety Notes:

  • If you can see the blades when you cut vertically or horizontally, you need to stop and readjust your angle. If you can see the blades, it is possible for debris to be forced in that direction.

  • Never cut when driving in reverse, the LS 2 and LS 3 are designed only to cut while moving forward.

  • If you are working in an open station tractor, we do recommend wearing PPE equipment for extra safety: Safety Glasses, Hard Hat, Hearing Protection, etc...

3. Loss of Tractor Loader Function

Will I lose loader function while operating the Lane Shark Brush Cutter?

Typically, no, if your hydraulic system is correctly plumbed. However, potential issues might arise if you:

  • Are using rear remotes for controls
  • Have a diverter valve setup
  • Have a stacked valve setup

Key points to consider:

  • Our Switch Box is designed for most 3rd function hydraulic setups but can encounter issues with systems that have "stacked valves," which could result in a loss of loader function while the Lane Shark is operating.
  • For tractors with stacked valve setups, we recommend our 3rd Function C-Flow kits to prevent loss of loader priority.
  • While auxiliary hydraulics can power the Lane Shark, we no longer recommend using remotes for pressure. 
  • Our hydraulic kits can provide necessary components for an effective and safe Lane Shark operation, even if your tractor already has auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Ensuring a proper return setup is crucial to prevent overheating and performance issues.

For your convenience, we have created a detailed chart depicting various properly plumbed tractor setups. 


Chart depicting proper tractor plumbing, 3rd function valve kit plumbing, c-flow 3rd function valve kit plumbing


Remember, our service department is always ready to assist if you're unsure about the best hydraulic solution for your setup.

4. Why Will The Lane Shark Not Start or the Blades Not Spin

Safety Note: ALWAYS disconnect the hydraulic lines from the Lane Shark before any service or inspection is performed.

Check the blade carrier and blades under the deck for any obstructions or any material wrapped around the rotating assembly and remove if discovered. Make sure the hydraulic quick connect couplers are clean and seated properly. Check if all fasteners are secured properly, especially those associated with the rotating assembly. Check your tractor's hydraulic fluid level and add the appropriate amount if low. If the cutter still fails to operate please call your local Lane Shark dealer or Lane Shark USA directly.

LS USA Contact Form

5. How Do I Know What Motor Should Be Paired With My Tractor?

The need for a high capacity motor for your Lane Shark depends on the hydraulic pump flow that the tractor produces. The standard Lane Shark motor is designed to work with a pump flow of 8.5 to 15 GPM, while the high capacity motor can accommodate a higher pump flow range, from 15 to 20 GPM.

Before making your purchase, you can use our "Find Your Fit" tool. This tool is designed to help you understand the specific requirements of your tractor, including whether you need a high capacity motor. By providing detailed information about your tractor, the tool can guide you to the correct Lane Shark configuration that best suits your needs. This way, you can ensure that you're getting the most efficient and effective Lane Shark model and hydraulic set up for your tractor.

Find Your Fit

Types of Gerotor Motors we use:

Hydraulic Flow Rate: Small Motor [5 - 8.5 GPM]

Hydraulic Flow Rate: Standard Motor [8.5 - 15 GPM]

Hydraulic Flow Rate: Large Motor (High Capacity) [15 - 20 GPM *LS 2 Only*]

Final Words

A FEL Tractor with a brush cutter equipped is a valuable tool for a small tractors to mid-size tractors, and the Lane Shark LS 2 and LS 3 models are excellent choices. With proper maintenance and installation, a Lane Shark Brush Cutter can provide efficient, reliable service for many years.

Lane Shark USA Store: Visit Here for W.R. Long Inc 3rd Function Kits, Lane Shark C-Flow (continuous flow) Valve kits, or our 3rd function Switch Boxes.

Or visit our Website to browse our products: Lane Shark USA

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