Lane Shark LS4 Special Edition

Check out the special edition Lane Shark! Back in black with a signed plaque from the creators of the Lane Shark.
Only 100 units of this year's special edition color-way will be available at dealerships across the USA and Canada.

Lane Shark LS4 Price Starting at $4700

  • Lane Shark LS4: Key Features

    • Wide range of cutting positions: Vertical and offset positions (25 - 55 degrees)
    • The Lane Shark LS4 attaches to the front of any FEL tractor with SSQA or JD Hook and Pin style attachment system. There are adapters available to fit most other applications sold separately.
    • The Lane Shark LS4 weighs just under 450lbs.
    • When purchasing the Lane Shark brush cutter, you will receive a unit equipped with #10 ORB (O-Ring Boss) inlets. When using ORB, a minimum inside diameter of 1/2" is required.
    • Cutting Diameter: 44"
  • Lane Shark LS4: Compatibility Specifications

    • Hydraulic Flow Range [Small motor]: 5 gpm to 8.5 gpm
    • Hydraulic Flow Range [Standard Motor]: 8.5 gpm to 14.9 gpm
    • Hydraulic Flow Range [High Capacity Motor]: 15 gpm to 20 gpm (Special Order Only)
    • Hydraulic Rear remotes, or third function. ONLY pressure comes from the remote, and return must be to the sump. (Cannot return through auxiliary hydraulics).
    • ***We do not recommend rear remote plumbing as some tractors may lose loader priority***
    • Minimum dry weight of 3000 lbs
    • Minimum tractor width of 55 inches.
  • Quality You Can Trust

    All Lane Shark products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA

    • WR Long Inc Third Function Valve Kits
    • Lane Shark C-Flow Valve Kits
    • Lane Shark Switch Boxes
    • JD Hook and Pin Attachment
    • Two Models [LS4 and LS3]

**Lane Shark brush cutters are not compatible with skid steers**