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Lane Shark USA

LS-2 Owners Manual

LS-2 Owners Manual

LS-2 Warranty

All Lane Sharks are equipped with a one year limited warranty from date of purchase. In order for a customer to activate their warranty, the dealer or customer must register the unit with Lane Shark.

We guarantee that we deliver exactly what is seen and described in our advertisement of Lane Shark products. Except for the excluded products as described below, Lane Shark USA warrants the original purchaser that this Lane Shark USA product will be free from defects in material and workmanship beginning on the date of purchase when used as intended under normal circumstances and conditions.

1. Excluded Products. The following products are excluded from this limited warranty:

(a) Wear parts which include but are not limited to: retaining hardware, bearings, blades, and hydraulic hoses.

(b) Any product that has been misused, modified in an unauthorized manner, altered, damaged, involved in an accident, or repaired using parts not obtained through Lane Shark USA. Lane Shark USA reserves the right to determine this based on visual and physical evidence provided with the warranty claim.

2. Warranty Period. The limited warranty is provided only to those defects that occur during the warranty period. The warranty period begins on the purchase date as evidenced by the invoiced shipment date and ends one year (twelve months) from the purchase date.

3. Terms and Conditions of Limited Warranty. The following terms and conditions apply:

(a) Option to repair or replace. Lane Shark USA shall have the option to repair or replace the product.

(b) If requested the alleged defective part or product shall be shipped to Lane Shark USA, with freight pre-paid by the claimant, to allow Lane Shark USA to inspect the product.

Claims under this Warranty or repairs must be completed through an

authorized Lane Shark USA dealer. Lane Shark USA reserves the right to make changes in materials or design of the product at any time without notice.

This Warranty shall not be interpreted to render Lane Shark USA liable for damages of any kind, direct, consequential, or contingent to property. Furthermore, Lane Shark USA shall not be liable for damages resulting from any cause beyond its reasonable control.

This Warranty does not extend to loss of crops, any expense or loss for labor, supplies, rental machinery or for any other reason.

IMPORTANT: This Warranty is not valid unless:

1. Registered with Lane Shark USA within 30 days from the date of original purchase.

2. Must be purchased from an authorized dealer or Lane Shark USA directly.


NOTE: Pictures of any damaged units must be sent before warranty requests will be fulfilled.

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