How to Qualify for Farm Equipment Tax Exemption in Florida and Beyond

Tax Season as a Lane Shark Owner in Florida and Beyond

Imagine effortlessly cutting through tough vegetation, improving your agricultural productivity, and at the same time enjoying financial benefits from a tax exemption. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! With the Lane Shark USA brush cutter, you can elevate your farming efficiency and make the most of the 12A-1.087 tax exemption for agricultural equipment in Florida.

In this blog post, we will dive deep into the power and efficiency of Lane Shark USA brush cutters and guide you through the financial advantages of the 12A-1.087 exemption specifically for Florida residents. But don't worry if you're not in Florida – many states offer similar tax exemptions for agricultural equipment. We encourage you to visit your state's tax website to see what kind of exemptions you may qualify for.

Get ready to embrace the future of land maintenance and make a wise investment that pays off in the long run.

Key Takeaways

  • Invest in Lane Shark brush cutters to improve land maintenance operations and take advantage of the 12A-1.087 tax exemption for financial benefits.

  • Utilize a step-by-step guide to claim the 12A-1.087 Exemption Certificate and access associated financial rewards.

  • Long term investments can facilitate growth by allowing recruitment, equipment purchases, and expansion of agricultural endeavors

Special Edition Lane Shark Brush Cutter displayed on a Kubota Tractor


Lane Shark brush cutters are designed to revolutionize your farming practices with their robust capabilities, swiftly managing tough vegetation and eliminating the need for manual labor or hiring external services for clearing brush. Not only do they save time and money, but they also bring along financial benefits through the 12A-1.087 exemption, effective since July 1, 2005.

This article delves into the performance of Lane Shark brush cutters, clarifies the process of claiming the 12A-1.087 tax exemption, and discusses the lasting implications of such an investment.

The Power and Efficiency of Lane Shark Brush Cutters

Designed to tackle challenging vegetation, Lane Shark brush cutters are the only front-end loader mounted cutters available for mid-compact tractors, utilizing hydraulics for optimal performance.

  • Minimum weight: 2,000lbs

  • Hydraulic flow range: 5-20gpm

  • Multi-position cutting capabilities

  • Can handle brush up to 2-3” in diameter.

There are two models available to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that your tractor is equipped with the right Lane Shark brush cutter to efficiently manage difficult vegetation. Whether you need to clear brush horizontally or trim roadways vertically, Lane Shark has the right solution for you.

The cost and availability of Lane Shark brush cutters vary depending on the model of the tractor and its fitment options. Lane Shark brush cutters can be bought from a local dealer.

A Gif of the Lane Shark Brush cutter's 11 different cutting positions

Navigating Through the Financial Benefits: Understanding the 12A-1.087 Exemption in Florida and Other States

The 12A-1.087 tax exemption, specifically available in Florida, offers financial relief for agricultural producers purchasing power-driven farm equipment like Lane Shark brush cutters. This state tax exemption allows farmers to deduct the cost of purchasing and operating agricultural equipment from their taxes. Similar tax benefits may also be available in other states, and we encourage you to explore your state's tax website for specifics.

To leverage this exemption, farmers need to utilize the equipment exclusively for agricultural purposes, such as plowing, planting, cultivating, or harvesting crops. Additionally, they must provide a signed written statement certifying the equipment’s usage strictly for agricultural purposes.

Claiming the 12A-1.087 exemption, or similar tax benefits in your state, allows agricultural producers to realize significant savings, which can be reinvested into their operations.

Our Guide for How To Qualify for Farm Tax Exemption: Claiming your 12A-1.087 Exemption in Florida

Tax Graphic showing money and filing a document on the computer

To claim the 12A-1.087 tax exemption in Florida, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the Exemption Certificate for Items Used for Agricultural Purposes (Form 12A-1.087). Click Here for Form

  2. Ensure accurate and complete submission by following the instructions provided in the Form 12A-1.087.

  3. Submit the Form 12A-1.087 alongside your tax return to avail the exemption.

Once the exemption certificate is submitted, the financial benefits of the 12A-1.087 tax exemption can be realized and the savings can be invested in the farming business.

The Long-Term Impact: Investing Back into Your Business

Reinvesting the saved funds from tax exemptions like the 12A-1.087 can significantly enhance your operations. Here are a few examples:

  • You can use these funds to upgrade your equipment or invest in new technologies, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • In the case of Lane Shark brush cutters, these savings can be used to maintain or upgrade the equipment, ensuring that it continues to perform at its best when cutting overgrown vegetation, clearing hunting lanes, driveways, pond banks, and more.
  • Furthermore, these savings can also enable the recruitment of additional staff. Having more hands on deck means tasks can be completed faster, and it also allows for specialization where employees focus on particular areas of your operation, leading to better results and higher quality output.
  • Expansion into new markets is another advantage of reinvesting your savings. By reaching out to new regions or diversifying your service offerings, you can attract a wider customer base and increase your sales.

The result of these enhancements and expansion is a potential increase in profits. When you're able to provide more services and reach more customers, your revenue increases. And when you're operating more efficiently, your costs can decrease. The combination of increased revenue and decreased costs leads to higher profits.

Finally, these improvements and growth can help ensure the prosperity of your business. A profitable, growing business is a healthy business, and that means it's likely to survive and thrive in the long run, providing you with a secure income and a valuable asset for the future.

Let's Wrap it Up

Embrace the transformative power of Lane Shark brush cutters, designed to effortlessly cut through tough vegetation, thereby revolutionizing your agricultural operations. These brush cutters not only enhance efficiency but also bring along financial benefits through the 12A-1.087 tax exemption, offering a smart investment opportunity for your property management future.

Explore the diverse range of Lane Shark products and elevate your agricultural practices today with the help of WR Long equipment. Investing in these cutting-edge tools can lead to increased productivity, significant cost savings, and a more prosperous future for your farming business. The 12A-1.087 tax exemption, available specifically for Florida residents, can provide substantial financial relief, allowing for reinvestment into your operations and fostering business growth.

Remember, a strategic investment today can pave the way for a brighter, more profitable future for your farming business. Our dedicated sales team is always ready to assist you in making the right choice, ensuring that your investment yields maximum returns in the long run.

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Additional Resources

For more information on the 12A-1.087 tax exemption and Florida agricultural regulations, visit the Department of Revenue website. Here, you’ll find comprehensive details about the exemption, the application process, and other relevant regulations.

For those not residing in Florida, we advise you to explore your own state's tax website for similar agricultural equipment tax exemptions. Each state may have different regulations and benefits, so it's important to stay informed.

Keeping abreast with the latest agricultural news and tax developments can maximize the utility of your Lane Shark brush cutter investment. A thorough understanding of the financial landscape, paired with effective resource utilization and continuous flow of information, can pave the way for a prosperous farming future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lane shark cost?

A Lane Shark LS-2 Cutter costs $4,700.00 and features 11 cutting positions, two motor options for a hydraulic flow rate between 8.6-20gpm, and is compatible with either a SSQA or John Deere Hook & Pin style mount. It has a 44" cutting width and a 2-3" diameter cut capacity with a 3000lb tractor minimum, dimensions of 42"Lx48"Wx29"H and weighs 450lbs.

Similarly, the Lane Shark LS-3 Cutter, priced at $4,500.00, and also features the same 11 cutting positions and mounting options. It has a 36" cutting width and a 2-3" diameter cut capacity with a 2000lb tractor minimum, dimensions of 36"Lx42"Wx29"H and weighs just under 320lbs. It's designed for smaller tractors with a lower hydraulic flow rate between 5-8.5gpm.

What size tractor do I need to run a lane shark?

For optimal performance, the LS-3 model requires a tractor with a minimum rear wheel width of 55", a dry weight of at least 2,000 lbs, and a hydraulic pump flow rate of 5.-8.5 gallons per minute (GPM). On the other hand, the LS-2/4 model needs a tractor with the same minimum rear wheel width but a higher dry weight of 3,000 lbs. The hydraulic pump flow rate for this model should be between 8.6 to 20 GPM. These specifications ensure that your Lane Shark brush cutter operates efficiently and effectively.

Where is Lane Shark made?

Lane Shark tractor front-mounted brush cutters are manufactured in the Florida panhandle.

What is the difference between LS2 and LS3 lane shark?

The LS2 Lane Shark model is a robust cutter, featuring cutting angles ranging from negative 45°, 90°, all the way to positive 45° making it suitable for both flat and sloped terrain. It can handle brush up to 3" in diameter and is designed for tractors with a minimum weight of 3,000lbs. On the other hand, the LS3 Lane Shark model, while smaller, is equally powerful. It is specifically designed for lower flow hydraulic systems, yet can still efficiently manage brush up to 3" in diameter and is best suited for tractors with a minimum weight of 2,000lbs.

What types of vegetation can a Lane Shark brush cutter handle?

The Lane Shark brush cutter is a powerful tool, suitable for cutting small shrubs, saplings, tree limbs and brush up to 2-3" in diameter. It is an ideal tool for various agricultural applications.

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