Lane Shark LS-2 Brush Cutter

Lane Shark LS-2 Price Starting at $4700*

Production of the LS-2 has been discontinued and has been replaced by the upgraded LS-4 model.

When it comes to clearing overgrown roadways and property maintenance, the Lane Shark LS-2 is in a league of its own.

*Price does not include shipping, taxes, dealer fees, or installation.

  • Lane Shark LS 2: Key Features

    • 11 cutting positions: Vertical and offset positions (25, 35, and 45 degrees)
    • The Lane Shark LS 2 attaches to the front of any FEL tractor with SSQA or JD Hook and Pin style attachment system. There are adapters available to fit most other applications sold separately.
    • The Lane Shark LS 2 weighs just under 450lbs.
    • When purchasing the Lane Shark brush cutter, you will receive a unit equipped with #10 ORB (O-Ring Boss) inlets. When using ORB, a minimum inside diameter of 1/2" is required.
    • Cutting Diameter: 44"
  • Lane Shark LS 2: Compatibility Specifications

    • Hydraulic Flow Range [Small motor]: 5 gpm to 8.5 gpm
    • Hydraulic Flow Range [Standard Motor]: 8.5 gpm to 14.9 gpm
    • Hydraulic Flow Range [High Capacity Motor]: 15 gpm to 20 gpm (Special Order Only)
    • Hydraulic Rear remotes, or third function. ONLY pressure comes from the remote, and return must be to the sump. (Cannot return through auxiliary hydraulics).
    • ***We do not recommend rear remote plumbing as some tractors may lose loader priority***
    • Minimum dry weight of 3000 lbs
    • Minimum tractor width of 55 inches.
  • Quality You Can Trust

    All Lane Shark products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA

    • WR Long Inc Third Function Valve Kits
    • Lane Shark C-Flow Valve Kits
    • Lane Shark Switch Boxes
    • JD Hook and Pin Attachment
    • Two Models [LS 2 and LS 3]

**Lane Shark brush cutters are not compatible with skid steers**