The LS2 is now the LS4

Introducing the Lane Shark LS4:

Graphic displaying some of the positions of the lane shark ls4

Our 4' model has continued to evolve since Lane Shark USA's inception in 2017. Previously known as the LS2 (which still have limited availability with some of our dealerships), the LS4 has some key updates that make this the most impressive iteration to date. In this article we will discuss the 5 key updates from the LS2, as well as some tips on adjusting the positions, where to find replacement parts, and how to find them at a dealership near you! We want to provide you with as much information about our products as possible. Whether you are new to the Lane Shark USA line up, on the fence about making your first purchase, or you want to learn more about your LS4 unit, this article aims to cover all of those bases. Please read the entire article before reaching out to us or one of our many dealers around the country so you can be as informed as possible.

Key Updates from the LS2 to the LS4:

  1. Improved Locking Mechanism
  2. Deck Thickness
  3. Added Skid Shoes
  4. Rear Rubber Skirt
  5. More Versatile Kickstand Rail

Here is a brief video going over all of these updates:

 Each of these improvements have been tested and modified to be the best version possible by Travis Odom (Owner/President), and William Odom (Master Welder and Fabricator). Our mission at Lane Shark USA is to consistently be ahead of the curve by keeping our products up to date with top of the line materials and engineering practices. 

Before moving into the nuts and bolts of each of these updates, here is a list of all of the specs and requirements for running our LS4 on your tractor:

Lane Shark LS4 Compatibility

  • [Standard Motor] Hydraulic Implement Flow Rate: 8.5 - 14.9 GPM
  • [High Capacity Motor] Hydraulic Implement Flow Rate: 15 - 20 GPM (Special Order Only)
  • Hydraulic Rear Remotes* or 3rd Function: ONLY Pressure comes from the remote, and return MUST be to the sump. (Cannot plumb the return through the auxiliary hydraulics)
  • We do not recommend rear remote plumbing as some tractors may lose loader priority.
  • Minimum dry tractor weight of 3000 lbs
  • Minimum tractor width of 55"
  • Certified roll over protection system
  • For stabilization while operating the Lane Shark, fill rear tires of your tractor with water to use as a ballast, as well as additional weight on rear. Example: Box Blade or Rotary Cutter

 Lane Shark LS4 Details:

  • The Lane Shark LS4 is a light duty rotary cutter designed to clear overgrown roadways, for light land management, and property maintenance.
  • Easily cuts up to 2-3" diameter limbs, brush, saplings, and underbrush. The LS4 has a wide range of cutting positions that allow it to cut vertically, offset, directly in front (home position), or 25, 35, and 45 degrees in the vertical and offset positions. (See the main display image above).
  • Multi-Position adjustment rail for added versatility and an extra foot of vertical reach.
  • The Lane Shark LS4 attaches to the front of any FEL tractor with an SSQA or JD Hook & Pin style attachment system. There are adapters available to fit most other applications sold separately.
  • Rear Rubber Skirt and Skid Shoes for a smoother cutting process.
  • The Lane Shark LS4 weighs just under 450 lbs.
  • When purchasing the Lane Shark brush cutter, you will receive a unit equipped with #10 ORB (O-Ring Boss) inlets. When using ORB, a minimum inside diameter of 1/2" is required.

LANE SHARK LS4 PRODUCT PAGE > Click the link to read more, check your compatibility, or speak to an expert.

Lane Shark LS4 Updates Deep Dive:

Now we are going to go through each of these key updates one by one. Remember, we are always here to help. If you are not getting all of the information you need, please head to our website and fill out a contact form and we will reach out to you directly. 


In order for us to best serve you, please make sure you have this information ready:

  1. Your Tractor make/model and Loader make/model: Knowing your tractor specs is key to helping you make an informed decision on how our product will work for you. Being able to identify your tractor hydraulic GPM, weight, and dimensions is the first step before moving on to hydraulic solutions.
  2. Tractor Hydraulics: Identifying what type of hydraulic function you use lets us know what type of hydraulic kit you need to run the LS4. Do you have a W.R. Long 3rd Function (only 3rd function compatible with our c-flow component), Other brand of 3rd Function (Land Pride, JD, Etc...), Rear Remotes, or maybe you don't know (this is a good opportunity for you to find out).
  3. Cab or ROPS (Roll Over Protection System): Each of our hydraulic solutions are custom fit, the hydraulic hoses are cut to length depending on Loader Models, and whether you have a Cab or ROPS. 

Once you figure this out, you can either contact us, one of our dealers, or you can use our "Find Your Fit" tool on our website to learn which brush cutter model your tractor is compatible with: Click here to use the Find Your Fit tool


Improved Locking Mechanism:

Overhead view of the LS2 and LS4 displaying the new locking mechanism 

 As you can see, this locking mechanism has been bolstered significantly. The main reason for this being when you're in the offset position and potentially hit a tree, stump, or rock it gives you much more flexibility to lock the unit back in place in the home position. This cutter has to be engineered to have weak points in order to protect your tractor and loader arms. If by chance you run into something and bend your unit, this new locking mechanism has a large groove making it easier for you to snap the pin in place. This will help prevent the need for having to replace an entire swing arm or back plate if the damage is minor. 

3/16" Deck Thickness:

There are two main reasons for the deck thickness update. Firstly and simply it makes for a stronger overall deck. Going from 1/8" thickness with a few 1/4" plates welded to the top, to a full 3/16" thick deck creates less opportunities for the welds to open up and allow for water intrusion. There is now an x brace on the bottom side of the unit for bracing. The less welds, the less chance for broken welds.

Skid Shoe Addition:

LS4 in the home position

This update aims to help prevent the unit from digging into the ground when in the home or offset position. Even with this update, it is good to remember to try and keep the Lane Shark cutter a few inches off the ground when operating. These units are not designed to be used as a lawn mower, but more as a brush cutter for saplings, small trees, branches, etc... 


Rear Rubber Skirt:

Previously, with the LS2 model, the back part of the cutter was fully metal. Like the skid shoes, the intention behind this update is to help mitigate being snagged on boulders, stumps, cut branches, etc... The LS2 model would sometimes (depending on how it was being used) get snagged on these and bend the unit. We decided on a rear rubber skirt to add flexibility to the design in hopes to prevent those outcomes. Like with the skid shoes, it is still good practice to raise your cutter up a little off the ground. Another good note is to remember to NEVER CUT IN REVERSE. Be mindful when you need to move in reverse that you pull your unit away from any branches or brush. This unit is designed specifically for forward cutting, the blades cut counter clockwise, meant to discharge the limbs out and away from your tractor. If you cut in reverse, that means the blades and hitting the branches towards your tractor cab. You can watch this video to see how Travis Odom uses the Lane Shark not only with efficiency, but safely. 


 Kickstand Rail:

The updated kickstand rail has many more ports, giving you access to almost any cutting position you can think of. The main benefit to this update is when you are cutting in the vertical offset position. You now are able to gain about 1 foot of vertical reach from the original LS2 model. You can see how this works by watching our LS4 position adjustment video here:


Those are the most important updates that we've made to our 4' Model the LS4. Again, if you need any assistance or want to learn more about our products, you can visit our website product pages, or contact us directly, it is our pleasure to help assisting you in any way we can!

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 If you're wanting to see the LS4 in action, we recently partnered up with 'Sawing with Sandy' and he did a full install, as well as document his first use of the LS4 Cutter. Not only that, it's in snowy Ontario, Canada! He's a wealth of knowledge, and very entertaining! Check it out.

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