Lane Shark C-Flow Component Kit

The Lane Shark "C-Flow Component Kit" – an innovative solution for those tractors already equipped with a WR Long 3rd Function Valve Kit. Our component kit seamlessly integrates with your existing WR Long 3rd Function setup, unlocking the continuous flow function that takes your tractor's operational efficiency to the next level.

C-Flow Component Kit Includes:

  • Continuous Flow Valve Component
  • Expanded Bulkhead Mount with Return Connect
  • C-Flow Component Return Line
  • LS Switch Handle
  • Pre-fabricated Hydraulic Whips with Check Valve Loop
  • Wiring Circuit Tester
  • Electrical Connectors and Wrap
  • Wire Loom
  • In-Line Fuse
  • ***Lane Shark Switch Box [Instead of] LS Switch Handle +$100***

The Lane Shark C-Flow Component offers a unique continuous flow function that enhances your tractor's efficiency and performance. This setup is made possible by a special return line, which forms a closed loop for the hydraulic fluid to circulate continuously throughout the tractor. At the heart of this operation is the WR Long Switch Handle. When engaged, it holds the hydraulic valve open, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted flow. This feature is particularly beneficial when operating attachments like the Lane Shark Brush Cutter, optimizing its operation for a smoother and more effective land management experience.

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