Lane Shark Switch Kit | Switch Box

1. Switch Kit Details:

Our 3rd Function Switch Kit is exclusively compatible with Kubota L Series, MX Series, M Series, John Deere 3 and 5 series Tractors.

No more fumbling with your 3rd function lever or makeshift solutions like bungee chords holding the valve control open. The Lane Shark Switch Kit keeps your hydraulic line open for continuous hydraulic flow which is necessary for the Lane Shark Brush Cutter's operation.

Lane Shark Switch Kit includes:

  • Lane Shark Switch Box
  • Prefabricated Whips and Fittings
  • Necessary hoses and hardware

2. Switch Box Details:

The Lane Shark Switch Box offers you the freedom to work without constant manual engagement. Designed to function with most tractors that have an electronically controlled third function, it allows for a more efficient and streamlined cutting experience by keeping the hydraulic line open for consistent pressure to your cutter.

BEFORE YOU BUY: In order to properly plumb your tractor for Lane Shark brush cutter operation, you need to locate the return to your tractor’s sump. If the return to the hydraulic sump tank is not accessible, you will not be able to use the Lane Shark. Please contact us for other options:

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Note: This product includes the Switch Box only. All whips, fittings, and necessary hoses and hardware must be fabricated to plumb your tractor.

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